Out of this core – in a second wave of effects – comes the impact on the lives of the students, volunteers and partners that take part in the courses and experiences in the cities where we act. Fortunately, this wave continues to spread and unfurl in creative connections, projects and partnerships to expand Social Gastronomy.

The entire Social Impact of Gastromotiva is focused on transforming difficult and complex social realities, and so we seek to reach three goals: to achieve, to inspire, and to multiply.

Inequality, unemployment and lack of access to quality education are our first challenges. Then, we inspire new transformations through the Social Gastronomy Movement, by creating a global network that uses gastronomy as a tool to respond to global challenges. And finally, through a strong network of local and global partners, together with the government and corporations that believe in Social Gastronomy, the expansion and deepening of these transformations become a reality.

Read our Educational Manifesto here and see our projects, below