Since March 2020, the space where the Refettorio Gastromotiva project is located in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, has functioned as a food bank, which is helping to compose meals for the projects of Gastromotiva and more than 40 organizations and projects in our partner network . We also accept input donations in São Paulo, Curitiba and Mexico City. See below for how to help.


In addition to perishable, non-perishable food and beverages, Gastromotiva is also accepting donations of 70% alcohol and PPE such as cloth or disposable masks, vinyl gloves, caps and face shields for cooks and people in direct contact with the public.

Rio de Janeiro

Rua da Lapa, 108 – Centro RJ | | 21 96992-5459 (Clícia)

São Paulo

Rua Marselha, 728 – Jaguaré SP | | 11 96731-3975 (Diego)


Rua das Tropas, 56 – B – Bairro Guabirotuba | | 41 9718-1336 (Pedro)

Cidade do MÉxico | +52 55 7410-3393 (Daniela) | +52 55 8155-4396 (Silvia)