Our Founder

David Hertz

A culinary maestro, social entrepreneur, and co-founder of Gastromotiva, David Hertz harbors a deep passion for gastronomy. He has harnessed his culinary expertise as a tool to drive positive social impact. With a visionary outlook, David established Gastromotiva in 2006, embarking on a mission to combat hunger and food insecurity while promoting gastronomy education for income generation.

Throughout his journey as a social entrepreneur, David Hertz has spearheaded remarkable initiatives, including the establishment of Refettorio Gastromotiva, Gastromotiva Solidarity Kitchens, and the provision of free professional training courses. He also co-created and co-founded the Social Gastronomy Movement in Brazil, a vibrant community that empowers and engages all stakeholders within the food chain.

David Hertz’s remarkable achievements include recognition as a social entrepreneur by the Ashoka network, a TED Senior Fellow, a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, and a UN Food Systems Champion. He also serves as an advisor to the BTG Soma program and the Pacto Contra Fome initiative.