Social Gastronomy Kitchen

During the pandemic, when Refettorio Gastromotiva’s activities had to be interrupted, we reinvented our social impact model. The space was transformed into a large warehouse for non-perishable food that came to us through donations from the private sector and individuals. We mapped former students who are also leaders who were already carrying out social initiatives in their communities, trained these people, and together with them, created the Gastromotiva Solidarity Kitchens project. We taught these partners, who earned the title of Solidarity Cooks, the Gastromotiva methodology for comprehensive food use, the management model for operating the kitchens, and also provided equipment for storing supplies and preparing meals.

The Solidarity Kitchens Program was born at the beginning of the pandemic as a tool to immediately meet the needs of families in food insecurity. These are community kitchens led by micro-entrepreneurs, cooks, social organizations, and collectives, all trained by Gastromotiva. The program provides training, supplies, logistical support, and a monthly income to these people. In July 2023, the program reached the milestone of 3 million donated meals.

Map of Social Gastronomy Kitchens