“Gastromotiva is transforming my passion for cooking into professionalization.”

“I worked for twelve years in the food sector, and decided to quit the restaurant where I worked so I could further my training. Of all the classes we had, I believe that citizenship was the most important. I became a more responsible person, and I’m sure that this knowledge makes working in the kitchen more harmonious. Besides that, since I had never studied cooking formally and learned everything on the job, I didn’t know a lot of the technical terms used in the kitchen that I now know. As far as the experience I had during this course, I would recommend it to anyone who works or wants to work in this field.”

“Gastromotiva is a project that transforms the lives of many people, using gastronomy as a motivation. Young lower-income people, who can’t afford vocational courses, can learn the craft of kitchen assistant and take on the mission of spreading the knowledge acquired throughout their community. It’s extremely motivating to be able to contribute to the training and inclusion of these young professionals in the job market. I can say that it is a concrete representation of our mission as an institution of higher education. It is the university connected to society in order to build a better world. For this reason, I can say that Universidade Anhembi Morumbi is proud to be part of this history and our immense pleasure to receive the young people from Gastromotiva at our Gastronomy Center.”

“We at the Limoeiro Restaurant support Gastromotiva, because we truly believe that gastronomy has the power to transform people’s lives. Through it, people develop self-knowledge, perceive themselves in society, broaden their horizons, and creates a more optimistic outlook on life. And this transformation extends and multiplies in family life, on the street, and in the community.”

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