“Gastromotiva, along with its partners, gave me the opportunity to receive vocational training and get a job. I left behind all the ‘red tape’ and boredom of sales, and set out to pursue my dream – to be a professional cook. Since the beginning of the course at Gastromotiva I believed that everything would be different, and that’s exactly what happened. At the end of the course I was offered a job at one of the network partners, and today I’m working as a kitchen helper and grill cook at Jack Salada. I’m very happy there and preparing myself for other courses, and hope to soon enroll in culinary college. I thank Gastromotiva and network partners for this opportunity!“

“I graduated from Gastromotiva – a wonderful NGO that gave me the chance to learn and work in a full kitchen, with amazing teachers, through a course I’d never be able to afford. Only those who’ve ever been hungry, but had nothing to eat, can comprehend this completely transformative project. I became a cook because of this; because when I was 9 years old I wanted to do something good for my siblings. Aside from the courses, Gastromotiva also gave me a lot of luck. It was when TV host Luciano Huck surprised me on the program that made me famous and made me no longer known as the cleaning girl who made tasty sweets, but the girl who always loved to cook and struggled until she was able to rewrite her own story. Words can’t explain so much happiness and fulfillment. My eternal thanks to Gastromotiva.”

“Being part of Gastromotiva went beyond receiving academic training, because I was able to grasp the “food as a transformation agent” part, when I began to look at my life and realize how much it has actually changed through what was offered to me.”

“We here at Positivo University are delighted with this partnership. It is very satisfying to be able to contribute to the dream of people who, without this project, would have a difficult time to enter the fascinating world of gastronomy. And what’s more, with this partnership, we can offer the market qualified professionals to work at restaurants, which is in line with our Mission to produce and disseminate knowledge”

“For us, it’s a great pleasure to receive students who graduated from Gastromotiva, because they already come to us with training that makes the difference for us.”

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