“I wanted to get to know Gastromotiva to understand about Social Gastronomy. I believe in the need to make full use of all food products, and that food is something everyone is entitled to.”

“Gastromotiva makes me a better human being. The cooking profession makes you be a new person, through contact with different cultures, people, and Social Gastronomy.”

“Gastromotiva embraced me as if it were my second family, and that’s when I could see that I was capable of something.”

“The consolidation of the partnership between UNISUAM andGastromotiva is based on the accomplishment of effective actions of social inclusion, since many young people and adults seek an opportunity of social mobility through the project. Another issue that deserves to be highlighted is the potential of this initiative to provide a practical field for the students of the UNISUAM Gastronomy Program, who work on the project, providing training for socially responsible professionals.”

“In the first ten minutes of conversation with David at “Complexo do Alemão,” I understood Gastromotiva’s cause and importance. I used to be very poor, and at the time I yearned for training like this. At the age of 18, I wanted to take a gastronomy course, but since I did not have any money, or even a high school diploma, I had to go the long and hard way, and learn on my own. That’s why today I help and believe in this cause, because I know what it’s like to walk in the shoes of these young students, when you don’t have any help.”

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