Sodexo Serviços anuncia parceria com a Gastromotiva

Social inequality has significantly increased in Brazil. This is what the classification of the Human Development Index (HDI) indicates. In recent years Brazil has plunged 19 positions and now ranks 79th among 188 nations in the HDI ranking. With the objective of helping to reverse part of this social inequality, Sodexo Serviços, the world leader in Quality of Life Services, became the newest partner of Gastromotiva, an institution with several social actions, which has been highlighted by the Training Course of Kitchen for low income people.

It prepares people, who dream to become chefs but do not have the financial conditions to course gastronomic studies, to the real market. In this context, Sodexo is already participating actively, giving support to the project through specific classes in each semester, with 50 students each. In addition, the multinational intends to hire course students to work in the company’s restaurants.

“Our country is rich in cultural diversity and cuisine. The difference between our reality and other countries is that, unfortunately, there is little incentive. Sodexo understands that there is a lot of potential workforce on this segment and intends to invest seriously in this project, training new professionals and generating more jobs”, explains Alessandra Torrres, Director of Operations at Sodexo Serviços in São Paulo.

“Gastromotiva is very excited about the partnership with Sodexo, one of the market leaders, whose mission and values are in line with our beliefs. This initiative, that started in São Paulo, is just the beginning of a long partnership. We believe that partnering with the company has the potential to make the world even greater and there are many opportunities in the market to grow together. Moreover, to all social commitment, Sodexo is concerned with the economic development of the country and the world, employing thousands of people around the world. Our connection can change many lives and we are committed to build this bridge to help everyone in a situation of social and economic vulnerability”, concludes Nicola Gryczka, CEO of Gastromotiva.[:]

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