SuperLiga da Comida recebe crianças de abrigos

On March 23, we realized the event SuperLiga da Comida at Refettorio Gastromotiva. Our chefs prepared a lunch for children from shelters in Rio de Janeiro with food from the season, seeking to align the nutritional value with the flavor. In addition, we offered playful activities to the children.

The Super League was born from concerns which Gastromotiva and its students had related to the problems poor communities  have around child obesity and malnutrition. Initially the Super League was solely part of the Community Action Work (CAW), which is run during the vocational kitchen training, and eventually outgrew the training program, by becoming an independent initiative.

On the last Friday, we interviewed Viviane, social worker and educational director of the Ziraldo Social Reintegration Unit. The space, located in Méier, welcomes children from 4 to 8 years old, up to 12 if they are in a sibling group. The children of Ziraldo take part of  the SuperLiga frequently and love it. According to shelter director Viviane, “SuperLiga is an important food re-education project that teaches values ​​to whole use food.” Thank you for the trust and support, Viviane, together we can take care of our children through healthy nutrition![:]

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