Vogue aponta a Gastromotiva como um passo certo pelo Rio

The November 2017 issue of Vogue Brazil named visionaries who, despite the historical crisis experienced by the city of Rio de Janeiro, are not let down and seek to make a difference in their fields. Among them is Gastromotiva, who has in the co-leadership the key to building a new future focused on the mission of promoting inclusion through Social Gastronomy.

The article tells of the creation of Gastromotiva and one of its projects, the Refettorio Gastromotiva, a restaurant-school in Rio where young people trained by the project and invited chefs cook with surplus ingredients to serve people in conditions of socioeconomic vulnerability.

The magazine highlights the ideals that moved David Hertz to found Gastromotiva 12 years ago and his partnership with Nicola Gryczka, responsible for the international operation and expansion of the project. 

Finally, Vogue mentions the movement’s next plan: “the propagation of methodology to the maximum number of places they can”. After all, the transformation cannot stop.

To read the full article, access the apps “Revista Vogue Brasil” or “Globo Mais”. To read more about Gastromotiva on the Vogue website, check out the following topics (Portuguese only):


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